Your website is your company’s online business card. A professional website shows what you stand for and what you offer, making a visitor to your website also a customer.


Findability on search engines is of the utmost importance to your website. The better your website can be found, the more visitors you get.


To keep your website up-to-date and safe, regular maintenance is required.


Your website is placed on one of our servers in a data center and has a very high availability due to dual execution of components and internet connections.


We come to you for an introductory meeting in which we will fine-tune what needs to be done to create the right website for you.

Issues covered in this conversation include:

  • What is the domain name you want to use
  • What email address are you going to use
  • What layout should the website have
  • Do you already have content for the site, texts, photos, video


We create a professional website for your business starting from USD 1,950

  • Register domain name, e.g. warawaraweb.com
  • e-mail on your own domain, e.g. hil@warawaraweb.com
  • Design of the site and place the texts and photos you provided
  • We create a website for you that can be viewed perfectly on all devices
  • Add website to search engines like google and bing
  • Create location on google maps and other online and offline maps such as bing maps and maps.me

Maintenance, hosting, management and support of your website will be USD 74,= per month.

  • Keep website up-to-date by posting new information about your business, products and services
  • The data from your website is secure on one of our servers
  • Daily backup of your site
  • Install updates and new versions of the software used
  • You can call or email us for support.

All prices are excluding sales tax.

An overview of the websites we created.